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After 25 years in the market, the firm has decided to focus on what we do best and what we enjoy the most: M&A Advisory

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RIóN expands its business and opens offices in Monterrey due to Mergers and Acquisitions dynamism in the state

Know RIóN offices in Monterrey

RIóN is an M&A-specialized advisory firm for companies who want more than a service provider to carry out their transaction.


About RIóN 

For a quarter of a century, over 125 families and companies have invited us to be part of their process, and today we are the largest team of M&A experts in Mexico.

In every deal we go deeper than numbers; the specific dynamics of corporate stakeholders and each family, family member, and their situation have to be understood to ensure complete satisfaction. This approach provides the transparency, integrity and exacting level of execution that have earned and retained the trust of our clients for over 25 years.


RIóN Approach 

We provide M&A advice to help create value for our clients; we have the maturity to say no and walk away from a deal if we find it is not beneficial for our client.


Mexican and cross-border transactions within:

/ Buy-side Advice

Our buy-side advice is rooted in 25 years of national and international experience. Through the years we have operated in a broad range of sectors translating corporate and family needs to each other.

Company Sales
/ Sell-side Advice

Our sell-side advice is founded on obtaining the best sales price and at all times protecting our client. We have the maturity to say no and walk away from a deal if we do not find it beneficial for our client.


Our merger advice seeks to create value above and beyond our client’s strategic objective. Having advised more than 125 families and companies, we are sensitive to the specific family dynamics and business understandings of the merging entities.


Our divestiture advice assists institutional and multinational companies in selling non-strategic divisions or businesses. We are the most active M&A advisory firm in Mexico and know the Mexican companies, their needs, and the changes in different sectors.

IPO Advisory

Our clients often institutionalize their companies to achieve an Initial Public Offering. We provide independent advisory throughout the complex process of an IPO to protect our clients from any conflict of interest with commercial banks and other stakeholders.

/ Fairness Opinions

Deciding whether, when, and how to sell a company begins with a solid knowledge of how much it is worth. Unrealistic valuations lead to unsuccessful M&A processes. At any time, we determine the fair market value that leads to a successful transaction, over the value that would seem enticing.

Selected Cases

We have successfully closed more than 125 transactions practically in every sector.

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Cross-border M&A

RIóN has 25 years of experience in more than 40 cross-border M&A transactions. We have successfully advised our clients in over 20 countries across the world.

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At RIóN, we do not give advice just to collect fees, but to fulfill short and long term goals and create new opportunities and possibilities for our clients. Likewise, we do not see ourselves, from analysts to partners, as numbers in a spread-sheet that just have to give the maximum return on investment.

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