RIóN is an M&A-specialized advisory firm for companies who want more than a service provider to carry out their transaction. For over a quarter of a century, more than 125 families and companies have invited us to be part of their process, and today we are the largest team of M&A experts in Mexico.

In every deal we go deeper than numbers; the specific dynamics of corporate stakeholders and each family, family member, and their situation have to be understood to ensure complete satisfaction. This approach provides the transparency, integrity and exacting level of execution that have earned and retained the trust of our clients.

RIóN is known throughout the region for our access to decision makers in the business and finance communities as well as our partnership with M&A firms all over the world. More than two thirds of our closed deals have matched Mexican family companies with corporations, and one third has included participants from outside Mexico.

Our responsibilities are bringing together the right parties to satisfy generations and generate profit to the families and companies who have chosen us.

RIóN Approach

RIóN specializes in M&A and related corporate finance advice to private and public companies.

We are the largest team of M&A experts in Mexico and the most active M&A Advisory Firm in the Mexican Market.

We are independent and unbiased, free of all conflict of interest.

Our M&A advice is timely, precise, meaningful, and creates value.

Our way of thinking
No quality M&A advice has ever been provided by only thinking about fees.

Our process and fee structure

Our ethics and integrity are founded in our 25 years of experience and clear rules of engagement. To ensure alignment with our client, we collect a success fee; our success depends on the success of our client.

Are we the right match?
  • We see our clients as co-partners and focus on the transaction that really has a chance of succeeding and getting closed. Before entering into an engagement, we carefully consider the value that we can provide, and we advise potential clients to evaluate if RIóN will serve their needs.
  • To ensure that we will fulfill short and long term goals and create new opportunities and possibilities for our client, we invest enough initial meetings before we propose any fees.
Circumstances can change
  • We know that during a transaction circumstances can change in both a family company and a corporate company. We see ourselves in the same boat as our clients; and if the decision to enter into a transaction does no longer seem right, we will take the family and the company safely out the deal again.
  • To ensure clear rules of engagement, always protecting our client, the initial part of any deal involves a modest amount non-contingent fees.
Moving forward to close the transaction
  • When full trust in the decision, process, and short and long term goals is established, we move forward to close the transaction within the defined timeline.

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