At RIóN, we do not give advice just to collect fees, but to fulfill short and long term goals and create new opportunities and possibilities for our clients. Likewise, we do not see ourselves, from analysts to partners, as numbers in a spread-sheet that just have to give the maximum return on investment.

We are all co-partners in each other’s careers, to create meaning in our personal and professional lives. Actually, we do not see much difference between growing personally and professionally. Life quality leads to top-quality work. This is why RIóN is a boutique M&A advisory firm: our daily work has to fit into the larger picture to become meaningful and valuable.

Working at RIóN is much more than numbers

For more than 25 years ago, Pablo Rión was one of the first-movers in M&A advisory in Mexico. Of course, Pablo knew the numbers to perfection, but he also naturally provided clients with the sense of the person he is behind the suit.

This authentic, entrepreneurial way of being drives us every day to create meaning and value. We believe in long-term relations, four of our partners have been at RIóN for over 11 years, and we are today the largest team of M&A experts in Mexico.

Being a RIóN M&A-advisor is about learning the hard-core ropes of M&A and at the same time being a master of M&A psychology and relationship building. At RIóN, you learn to understand the very different languages of a family company and a corporate company. From early on, we send you into the cross-fire with direct client contact to be a part of real world negotiations and decisions; allowing you to identify the underlying emotional drivers of, for example, a company sale that may be a once in a lifetime decision for a family, and at the same time to intimately know the corporate way and its requirements in investment strategies.

The professional goal is to challenge you to vary your communication style, develop an acute sense of M&A-psychology, and grow the competence to tailor the right approach to each specific situation and transaction. Meanwhile, of course, we expect you to further develop excellent agility in the different financial models and exacting analysis.

Next goal is both professional and personal. To create trust and build relationships with clients, it is of utmost importance that they sense the person you are behind being an M&A advisor. Through an iterative process of partner-mentoring, we support you in developing your own personal approach and style to set the right pace and build the right bridge between any parties in order to successfully close transactions.

Put simply, it is learning the art of investment banking; an entrepreneurial skill-set that you will have for the rest of your life.

“I joined RIóN just after earning my MBA at...

… IPADE Business School. From the first day, I could tell that RIóN is a special place to work. RIóN has a flexible environment and flexible schedules, with the focus on delivering high quality advice. Working at RIóN is demanding but it gives me the sense that I am part of a family, having the support from both the partners and the staff.”

— Eugenio Fernández, Associate Director

“Working at RIóN has given me the opportunity to work on M&A deals that...

 have a direct impact in the economy, in the market and most importantly, in people’s lives, which gives a true meaning to my daily work. Since the moment I joined the firm as an analyst, I have had the opportunity to work and meet directly with clients, giving me a real exposure to the Mexican business community by building true relationships with the stakeholders.”

— Adolfo Blasco, Analyst

Global exposure and international experience

“RIóN is an international firm. On average, we close one or two deals...

… a year with our global partnership (Global M&A Partners), therefore we are in constant communication with our international partners. Once a year we have the opportunity to attend Global M&A Partners conferences around the world. Further, RIóN’s offer to work abroad and onsite with international partners have been one of my most valuable experiences in M&A.”

— Luis Ortiz, Associate Director

For over 12 years, a significant part of RIóN’s M&A advisory has been cross-border, closing transactions in 20 countries all over the world. We have a full partnership in Global M&A Partners; together we are 34 independent, top-tier investment banking firms active in more than 50 countries across all five business continents.

A key-dimension of becoming a full-fledged RIóN M&A advisor is to be adept in managing transactions where foreign, different cultural norms and expectations are present. To enable M&A advisory of international quality, we have an exchange program with our partner firms in Global M&A Partners.

Our exchange program allows you to work for a defined period of time at any Global M&A Partner firm, of your own own choosing, where you will follow a partner, from attending client meetings through pitching to deal negotiations. The professional goal is to generate local knowledge and insights in how to internationally conduct business, supporting you in developing a global M&A-perspective as one fundamental part of your skill-set. Also, you will be invited to part of Global M&A Partner conferences all over the world, giving you the possibility, person-to-person, of building international relationships.

This skill-set is not merely theoretical but to be used in real-life action. We have successfully advised our clients in over 40 cross-border M&A-transactions in:

USA, Germany, India, Austria, Netherlands, Argentina, Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Responsibility and real impact

The RIóN entrepreneurial way is all about giving more than you take. No great company has ever been built by just focusing on ‘me’, and no quality M&A advice ever been provided by only thinking about the success fee. Likewise, a successful career is not created by expecting that opportunities and possibilities simply land on your desk. To become a full-fledged RIóN M&A advisor equals taking responsibility and being accountable for yourself; the impact we have on our clients and each other. Simply, being an entrepreneur in action.

In the same spirit, our way of interacting is fluid, dynamic, and truly interactive. We ask for ideas, and never put a fresh, valid perspective in the closet; a good idea is to be run with. We embrace direct talk, and politics are a no-go and won’t be accepted. However, direct talk does not mean that we just say what accidently is on our mind. Being accountable for yourself means also taking the responsibility to think things through before speaking out loud. To be a true partner is having the highest degree of integrity in all situations; reflecting before sharing our ideas internally, develops a deeply integrated quality approach when providing M&A advice to our clients.

Our commitment, that your ideas and work have real impact and to support your professional and personal development, is of course in alignment with our expectations of results delivered at any given step of your career as a RIóN M&A advisor. We presume you wouldn’t want it any other way.

“I have been working at RIóN for more than 3 years. RIóN has an entrepreneurial...

… spirit which motivates a self-driven person such as myself to continue to feel challenged. As Associate Director you have access to Mexican and international firms at the highest level and is expected to be able to handle the M&A process from inception to closing. My role is entirely deal dependent.  I work in a variety of industries which I find very interesting. Further, no two deals are the same so I am constantly learning to be able to address any and all issues or challenges that arise. As part of any transaction, my job is to coordinate the “full cycle” of the deal execution including preparing marketing pitches, reviewing and formulating financial analysis, preparing and presenting information memoranda and client presentations, contacting potential investors, answering questions from investors, bankers and the management team, coordinating Due Diligence, among many other things, all of which are crucial to getting the deal done.”

— Daniel Guiot, Associate Director

Results and due recognition

At RIóN, excellence entails that agility in the different financial models and exacting analysis at the highest level is expected to be part of your core skill-set. The same goes for valuation skills and all-round sector insights. You have to know the hard-core ropes of M&A to be a trustworthy advisor. Our M&A advice is to be on time, impeccable, meaningful, and create value.

When these basics are in place, delivering real excellence and results in M&A advisory begins; mastering M&A psychology and building relationships. You are to be proficient in the different languages of a family company and a corporate company, know to set the right pace and build the right bridge between any parties. Always bringing joy to the process, letting our client sense the person you are.

We give each other due recognition and respect by trusting our respective intentions, competences, responsibilities; and giving credit where credit is achieved, and critic when necessary to grow self-understanding and self-reflection. Having open doors to partners, we give a safe place to ask questions about RIóN essentials

Our commitment to teaching you the art of investment banking must result in, simply put, your excellent contribution in successfully advising our clients.

What I most admire about working at RIóN is the people and their...

… work ethics. The team at RIóN has a strong sense of values and prioritizes clients, colleagues, and their success before anything else. The open dialogue, provided by the partners, supports and guides the junior team to achieve their goals. Their accessibility at RIóN is unparalleled.”

— Patricio Vomend, Analyst

“RIóN is a great place to begin your career as a...

… young professional. RIóN provides a learning environment, I have never heard of before, and offers the opportunity to work simultaneously on several exciting projects, in varying industries, while gaining practical experience.  RIóN also provides the opportunity to work with people of all levels within the firm as well as have direct access to clients. I can hardly think of a job that is more dynamic, challenging, fun, and where you can get expertise and knowledge while having a direct impact on the client.”

— Daniela Delgado, Analyst


Diverse personalities have different strengths, and being responsible for your own career, we encourage all thought-through proposals on learning opportunities that will unfold your talent and develop your own personal approach and style as an RIóN M&A advisor

Most importantly, we expect all of us to be entrepreneurs by actively engaging in learning opportunities that are right for growing professionally and personally, such as:

  • The Wall Street program ‘Training The Street’ to enhance skills in valuation methodology and hands-on application learning from real-world examples.
  • Negotiation courses to develop the acute sense of finger tip sensitivity fundamental to close a transaction.
  • Travelling to Global M&A Partners conferences all over the world to build relations with partner firms. We want you to be on top of which international transactions that are presently going on.

What are the steps to become a partner in RIóN?

At RIóN, we are all evaluated on an on-going basis: Do we take the required responsibility and deliver the necessary and trustworthy advice to our clients? Do we again and again exceed expectations? Are we creating possibilities and opportunities in every transaction while respecting and recognizing our partners? Are we actively seeking to grow by learning? Are we entrepreneurs, successfully closing the right deal for the right client?

Living up, from an analyst to becoming a partner, requires more responsibility and higher performance expectations. Being a partner implies excellent skill-sets in any M&A complexity, full responsibility and accountability in all actions, effortlessly building client relationships, and being a leader internally and externally. Most of all, being a partner is about giving more than you take.

We encourage you to step up and work together with us to become our partner. Here, is a short description of the way:


Our typical Analyst candidate will have at least 1.5 years of experience at a top-tier investment bank, or other M&A-related experience in a top-tier auditing firm. He will have strong analytical skills and will typically have notable extra-curricular accomplishments.


Our Associates typically have 2 to 3 years of experience as an analyst at our firm, or equivalent experience. He may also have recently earned an MBA and have some relevant M&A experience.


After 2 to 3 years at RIóN, our Associates typically evolve into Associate Directors, where they receive much more responsibility on deal management and begin their preparation for partnership.


After 2 to 3 years having successfully performed as Associate Directors at RIóN, we will normally invite AD’s to become Partners.

We are often asked if it’s possible to maintain a social life and family life while being at RIóN:

All of us at RIóN have different interests and needs according to our life situations and family priorities. However, becoming a RIóN M&A advisor and working with top-management in the most successful companies will never be just a nine-to-five job. When that is said, being a boutique M&A advisory firm allows us many times to match each other’s different life situations with transactions requiring adequate intensity levels. We have an open dialogue about personal workload, and together strive to make good of low intensity periods to create a healthy balance with our respective social and family life.

Testimonial from former partner in RIóN in new, successful position ‘thanking’ RIóN: Juan Antonio Martínez Lastra (Director Star Médica Veracruz)

“After studying my MBA abroad, I joined Rión ...

… expecting to put my finance knowledge at work and learn about mergers and acquisitions. But I learned a lot more than M&A. I learned that finance is not about cash-flow and EBITDA, but about people and decision makers. That negotiation is not about sources of power, but about common interests and creating value. That business is not about assets and investments, but about building trust and relationships.

Being part of RIóN was essential for my professional career, since RIóN opened their extensive network and helped me develop my own relationships in the business community. Working as an associate in RIóN has been a key foundation stone for my professional career.”

You will achieve a strong, personal Brand in Mexico:

We want you to become our potential partner, but we are also aware and appreciative that sometimes new goals arise during our professional careers. Therefore, the entrepreneurial way of RIóN goes further than building your skill set.

In Mexico, trust and relationships are key in being able to conduct all business. On an on-going basis, we meet for informal conversations with management and owners of family companies and corporate companies, and we are recognized for our long-standing relations with key decision-makers. Likewise, we have strong relations with private equity funds and commercial banks.

One of the building stones of becoming a RIóN M&A advisor is the skill and opportunity of building relations. However, relationships do not happen overnight. They imply listening, sensitivity to each other’s needs, and giving without expecting something in return. This is an inherent dimension of the art of investment banking. Excellent contribution to RIóN leads us to opening the doors to our trusted and vast network; giving you the possibility to create your own personal brand in the Mexican business community.

And if a new career goal later on arises, we encourage an open dialogue. Because it creates proudness among all of us at RIóN, when one of our co-partners venture into new, successful business adventures which we through trust, and supporting the entrepreneurial way of being, have been a small part of paving the road for.

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