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Our sell-side advice is founded on obtaining the best sales price and at all times protecting our client. We have the maturity to say no and walk away from a deal if we do not find it beneficial for our client.

At the same time, our long-standing network facilitates the distribution power and access to the right decision makers; successfully closing over 60 national and international company sales in all sectors for families and institutional shareholders over the years.

Key dimensions of selling a company are the realistic valuation, clarification of the right targets, the adequate national and international distribution power among selected buyers, and the timely execution of the transaction. RIóN has successfully closed over 60 national and international company sales, in most sectors, for families and institutional shareholders.

Our ethics and integrity are founded in our 25 years of experience and clear rules of engagement. We have the maturity to say no and walk away from a deal if we do not find it beneficial for our client.

We always have senior partner involvement; adhering to the strictest standards of confidentiality, knowing that our clients will disclose information of sensible character throughout the process.

We apply a rigorous quality approach to our information memorandums and in the assembly of our execution team. Sound M&A advice requires an in-depth understanding of what is doable legally, tax wise, and practically.

An example from the real life

Santa Clara, one of the most important players in the dairy sector in Mexico had continuously received acquisition bids. After rejecting these offers for many years, the owners of Santa Clara began the sales process to the affiliate of Coca-Cola FEMSA, Jugos Del Valle.

RIóN was engaged to ensure a smooth and efficient sales process. We identified and negotiated various issues that were not considered in the original letter of intent, coordinated the due diligence process, assisted in the drafting of the final legal documentation, in the design of the deal structure of the deal, and in the closing of the transaction. RIóN’s advice resulted in significantly improved sale conditions for Santa Clara’s shareholders, both in economic terms and in other conditions.

As the most active M&A advisory firm in Mexico, our insights into the needs of companies in the relevant sectors are at all times up-to-date and facilitates the required access to decision-makers to distribute sale-materials adequately. Also, our international partnership with M&A advisory firms around the world allows us to advance company sales to foreign entities. One third of our transactions have included participants from outside Mexico.

Family-owned companies

RIóN has 25 years of experience in understanding the specific situation of each family, the different generations of the family company, and the decisions of the individual family members. We know that a company sale can be a once in a lifetime decision and focus on why the family is selling the company to tailor our approach to each specific situation.

RIóN provides advice in the complex processes of succession, partial sale of the company to co-family owners, in cashing out on many years of building a business, or when a company has been inherited and there is a wish to pursue another direction in life. We see ourselves as being in the same boat as our clients and work with the owners and management, supporting them in all steps to achieve their goals and create peace of mind.

If a corporation is approaching our client and there is not a previous motivation to sell, sometimes outside pressure can lead to premature disclosure of information. We know the corporate way and the adequate timing of dealing with requests from potential buyers to ensure that the pros and cons are clear for our client to further participate. Before advising on a company sale, the responsibility of RIóN, as the largest team of M&A experts in Mexico, is to protect our client.

We have advised on company sales in the following sectors:

Agribusiness, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Real Estate, Retail, Construction & Materials, Editorial, Energy, Entertainment, Pharma, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media, Business Process Outsourcing, Restaurants, Health & Pharma, Financial Services, Telecom, and Textiles.

Through our partnership in Global M&A Partners with international presence in over 50 countries across all continents, we have advised on company sales involving companies in the following countries:

Germany, India, Austria, Netherlands, Argentina, Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, Chile, Peru, Guatemala and Colombia.

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